Dedicated to Service

Core Values – to be a team of passionate people who make hard work fun.

Here is the secret formula that we used to build Zhukovskyi Development: our foundation is a hard-working team. Reliable individuals, who prioritize hard work and innovation , but never forget about the “people side”. We are relentless in providing exceptional service on a constant basis, but we never forget to build strong relationships with our clients, partners and investors. Relationships built on transparency and a unique approach to everybody, who we deal with.
The mentioned above qualities set us apart from competitors and allow us to build relationships that will always be mutually beneficial for both parties.


Building and serving innovational communities and constantly make positive impacts on them.


Developing lasting relationships with industry leaders and experts, who share our vision and will work alongside us to yield results for us, them and our communities.

Work with Us

It’s always a pleasure to have passionate and driven people become a part of our team and work alongside each other to drive our vision forward and provide the best service possible for our lovely residents. If you see yourself becoming an addition to our team- please dedicate some time to reviewing our vacancies and getting in contact with us about your future with Zhukovskyi Development.

A Return
on Experience

We’ve won over the trust of countless clients and pride ourselves on being able to say that we’ve been able to find common ground with not only world renowned investors and clients, but also with smaller , lesser known companies and interested parties.

The dedication of our expert teams has led us to expand our range of expertise and work with projects that scale in hundreds of apartments and thousands. Our unique outlook on housing leads us to work with investors of a similar outlook and we’re hoping that future investors will be just as interested in our initiatives as we are.

Creating a Difference

If you think that Zhukovskyi Development stops at making luxury accommodation - you will be pleasantly surprised.

When deciding to reside in a Zhukovskyi Development complex – you are not only making the choice to start living a better life, but also a more virtuous one. We do all, that is in our power to give back to our communities and the world we live in. From various ecological and “green” initiatives to organizing all sorts of wholesome group activities – we strive to show you that choosing Zhukovskyi Development is choosing a brighter future.

Unique Communities.
Exceptional Locations.

Zhukovskyi Development offers unique apartments nation and worldwide, apartments that are a part of luxury communities. Add our exceptional service and hospitality to this mix and you get one-of-a-kind experiences that will change your life for the better! Locate your new life with the help of our tools below!

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